Mapping Arab Diasporas (MAPAD)

Justice Centered Activism

Mapping Arab Diasporas: Justice Centered Activism (MAPAD) seeks to gather, research, document and archive the contributions, struggles, alliances, pains and memories of Arab activists in struggle for justice. The rich history of collective action and organizational building (women, students, labor, cultural and artistic, and community centers) as well as anti-war and solidarity alliances across and within communities will be recorded and narrated along justice centered lived experiences. Topics of research include:

  1. Diasporas, Nations, Transnationalism: Negotiating Home and Homeland
  2. Imagining Alliances, Building Communities
  3. Ihkili Ya Sitti, Ihkili Ya Jiddo: Elders? Wisdom
  4. Collective Memories and Lived Experiences
  5. Cultures of Resistance: Class, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Citizenship