Courses and Curriculum

The AMED Studies curriculum is designed to provide students with a core base of knowledge around the history, issues and challenges relating to Arab and Muslim Diasporic communities while developing their critical thinking, pedagogical reasoning, and analytical processing abilities.

Our theoretical and methodological approach diverges from that of Area Studies and Religious Studies models in that we focus on transnational linkages rather than relying on categories of analysis rooted in the assumption of distinct geographic, national, or religious-based entities. Intellectually this means always remaining cognizant of the messiness inherent in the boundaries that seek to define conceptual categories such as “the Middle East” or “Muslims” or “American.”

In praxis, this means that AMED Studies courses seek to utilize methodologies that are relevant for excavating the complex and nuanced histories of migration, exile, class struggle, interethnic relations, religious diversity, sexual contestations, national and transnational politics and policies, etc. that influence, shape and continually re-define AMED communities. Curricular focus areas include: History, Identity, Politics; Pop Culture, Media, Literature, Art, Creativity, Social Movements; Activism; Gender; Sexuality, Race; Immigration and Citizenship; and Comparative Studies with other communities. We aim to offer curriculum which spans the experiences of diverse Arab and Muslim diasporic communities, and that will meet the interests of a wide range of students interested in this area.

Offered Courses 

RRS 101 Introduction to Arab and Muslim Communities
RRS 201 SFSUs Palestinian Cultural Mural and the Art of Resistance
RRS 212 Edward Said
RRS 224 Arab-American History, Community, and Activism
RRS 230 Muslims in America: Communities and Institutions
RRS 255 Voices in Exile: Arab-American and Civil Liberties post-9/11
RRS 260 Introduction to Arab and Arab American Feminisms
RRS 305 Arab American Art and Artists of the Diaspora
RRS 310 Arab Revolutions and Social Movements
RRS 312 Arab and Arab American Literary Expressions
RRS 315 Arab-American Immigration, Society, Identity, and Culture
RRS 370 Islamophobia: Roots, Development, and Contestation of Hatred
RRS 375 Queer Arabs in the U.S.
RRS 420 Arab American Identity: Memory and Resistance
RRS 430 Arab Media Images in America: Impact on Arab Americans
RRS 435 National Security and the Racialization of Arabs and Muslims in North America
RRS 450 Contemporary Arabic and Arab American Literature
RRS 566 Gender and Modernity in the Muslim and Arab Worlds
RRS 630 Palestine: Ethnic Studies Perspective
RRS 655 Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico

Full List of Courses

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