Gender and Sexuality Studies in the Global South

Hegemonic and Orientalist representations of Arab and Muslim women and men demand critical revisions as gender and sexuality studies in our communities too often focus only on oppressive gender and sexual practices and the victimization of women and sexual minorities. However, powerful contestations of these narratives have, and continue to be articulated in different contexts. The Gender and Sexuality studies in the Global South is a collaborative project through which we will collaborate with scholars and institutions in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and their Diasporas to foster intellectual exchanges and pedagogical praxis. Our goal is to create a space for innovative and critical scholarship and effective activism that validates the lived experiences of/in our communities.

The Living Archives Working Group:

1960s-1980s Indigenous, Third World & Anti-Colonial Women's and Queer Transnational Solidarities

Living Archives plans to challenge this erasure by engaging in the study and the construction of oral histories on the overlapping archive of women’s movements, LBT movements, Black Panther, Third Worldism, Latin American and Arab revolutionary anti-imperialisms and pan-Africanism of the 1960s and 1970s. We will convene periodically to share our distinct but overlapping research projects on anti-colonial movements in Africa, Latin America, and the Mediterranean, and their inter-articulations with anti-racist feminist and LBT activism in the United States, and particularly Indigenous, Black, Latina, Asian, Arab, and Muslim Power and anti-colonial movements.

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