Intellectual Research Projects

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Mapping Arab Diasporas - Justice Centered Activism

A collaborative research project that seeks to document oral histories and collect archival data from members of Arab diasporic communities who have immigrated to the United States since the late 19th century and early 20th century to explore 1) the extent of Arab and American political participation; 2) their interaction with their socio-political environment; and 3) their survival strategies.

This 5-year, multi-site and interdisciplinary project is a comparative study of multi-generational political participation of Arab and Muslim Americans in various geographic and social locations. The project also includes “the xenophobia that has escalated since September 11, 2001. In The most recent project in the series “Stories of Palestinian Diasporas”, an oral history project compiling and preserving Palestinian activists’ lived experiences in San Francisco in collaboration with the United Methodist Church. More about MAPAD project

Mapping Muslim Diasporas - Confronting Islamophia

A collaborative multi-year research project that examines the relationship between the rise in Islamophobic incidents on college campuses and the size and rank of Arab and/or Muslim faculty members. The project involves field research on college campuses across the United States; an-ongoing colloquia and film series; an annual international conference (UC-Berkeley); the production of instructional materials (course design and teaching aid) and the publication of research results in the Islamophobia Studies Journal—online scholarly journal developed in collaboration with UC-Berkeley. More about Islamophobia project

Gender and Sexuality in the Global South / Arab and Muslim Communities

A collaborative project started in 2002 as “Gender and Sexuality Studies in/of the Global South” to connect institutions in the Global North with scholars and research centers in four areas in the global South: the Middle East and Central Asia. More about the gender and sexuality project